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    Wash day | November 4!

    Do you know what time it is? Its protein time!!! Men I can’t believe that since I relaxed my hair on September 16, I haven’t done a protein treatment. The goal is to use a protein conditioner every month. I need to step my game up, because my hair is really suffering.

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    Wash day | July 15!

    Wash day _July 15!

    11 weeks post relaxer

    I don’t know why I always do this, but after a certain period of stretching my relaxer, I get ‘extreme’ lazy. It’s really bad! In the month June I was active with keeping my hair healthy with protective styles. But the last two weeks, it’s been really bad. I haven’t been moisturizing on a daily base or washing my hair weekly. So because of that I have been dealing with breakage like no other.

    I got 8 weeks to go before I’m going to relax my hair. So I’m going to do a protective style challenge. For the coming 8 weeks I will be rocking my hair in cornrows or switch to my wigs.

  • Wash Routine

    Wash routine for relaxed hair | March 4!


    STEP 1 | PRE-POO
    Being consists is still a struggle, when it comes to moisturizing my hair during the week. That’s why I started my routine with a pre-poo treatment, using Garnier Whole Blends (Loving Blends) Repairing Conditioner. I’m starting to like this conditioner -for pre-poo only-. I pre-pooed for 30 minutes, without heat. As a result my hair was moist and tangled free.

  • Wash Routine

    Wash Day Routine | January 29!

    Wash Routine for relaxed (texlaxed) hair
    foto producten

    STEP 1 | PRE-POO
    Starting my wash routine with a pre-poo. For the last couple of weeks I have used Garnier Whole Blends (Loving Blends) Repairing Conditioner. In sections of four, I applied the product to my hair and after 25 minutes of pre-pooing, I rinsed the product out. I try to pre-poo my every time before washing. For now, I like this product for pre-pooing.

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