• Wash Routine

    Wash day | July 4!!

    2015.07.04  wash day relaxed hair (EEMSDIARY)

    Does this sounds familiar? Your start your day and planned an easy going wash routine and before you know, you are running out of time. A wash routine can be easy and quick – don’t get me wrong – So Saturday was an easy wash routine.

    2  1   w  e  e  k  s   p  o  s  t   r  e  l  a  x  e  r

    Washing treatment
    It was time to clarify my hair. For the wash I used Mizani Puriphying Intense Cleansing Shampoo. This was my first using the product. When I need a clarifying shampoo this will be my go to shampoo. For this wash I sectioned my hair in five sections – normally it will be 4 –

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