• Finance

    Balling on a budget to lower my expenses!

      This year, one of my biggest focus is my MONEY. 2020 will be my fourth year, that I have my own place, but babe …. let me tell you “it hasn’t always been easy”. One thing that I really miss is saving my smoney. “So for this year I’m moving different”

  • Relationships

    Sharing my thoughts | TheMindfulDiary

    LIFE Loosing someone real close to you is a feeling I can’t describe. Laying in my bed having different thoughts going through my mind. This is life, this is a wake up call, this is reality! We as humans are fragile, because you never know when that day will come. That’s why appreciate life, be humble and focus on your purpose. Make your dream a reality. Don’t hold back. Keep on shining and may you be a blessing to others ⭐️ …

  • Healthy hair care,  Lifestyle

    Appreciation from EEMSDIARY | Thank you

    Before posting any hair or life related content, I want to start of with saying thank you! I really appreciate you guys for coming to my blog and show me love by reading my content. I apologies for my missing in action days, but I’m here to stay. My goal for this year is to post more content, but I need your help. I need your input. So keep on searching for specific subject in the search balk. That way…

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