• Hair products

    The product junkie diary | S H A M P O O

    It was time for me to make a list of my current products. Sometimes I ask myself why I have so many products – I don’t even use everything – . By making a list I will have a better view. Sometimes I forget that I even have a specific product My goal is to finish my current products so I can make room for some new products, that I want to try out. Don’t get me wrong I am…

  • Wash day routine

    Wash day | 11th October ‘14

    Saturday!!!  It was time to wash my hair. During the week I have moisturized only twice and have been protective styling by braiding my hair. Last week during my wash routine I did the search and destroy method. I really need to concentrate on my ends, because the split ends are driving me crazy. Step 1 I decided to clarify my hair. I need to do better with clarifying. For the wash part I used Tresemme Deep cleansing shampoo and…

  • Hair products

    Shopping goods – April, May & June –

    In the last three months I have been adding some new products to my hair collections. April I was holding on to my promise not to buy some new products, but a discount threw me off. I’m proud of myself because I only but two products Organix hydrating macadamia oil Shampoo 385 ml (DIO Drogist,€11,99 – €9,49) Organix hydrating macadamia oil Conditioner (DIO Drogist,€11,99 – €9,49) This two product was also on my wish list 2014. May Moisture Moisture Moisture!!!!…

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