• Relaxed wash routine

    Wash routine | Relaxed hair

    Saturday 2 December

    Let the drama continue! The laziness is kicking in. For the last two days the before the wash routine I have been sleeping without a scarf. For me it is a must to protect my hair with a satin scarf. So please, can anybody ask me ‘why I’m doing the opposite?’ When in was detangling my hair I was crying from the inside, because of my hair loss.

  • Relaxed wash routine

    wash routine | relaxed hair

    Saturday 25 November


    This week I have been focusing on protecting my hair against the cold weather. Sometimes it sucks living in the Netherlands, it was a rainy week. To keep it simple, I styled my hair in two cornrows.

    STEP 1 | PRE-POO
    To give my wash routine a boost I decided to do an oil treatment. I warmed up my Coconut oil and in sections of four I applied the oil to my hair and scalp. Started at the end and worked my way on up. I went a little overboard with the oil but it got the job done! I let the oil sit on my hair for 30 minutes without using heat.

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