• Wash Routine

    Wash day January 18 ‘14

    2014.01.18 Wash day

    For the past 4 weeks I have been wearing my u-part wig with a closure. Hahaha let me tell you .. I was so afraid for the closure. I bought the closure last year in March and I finally decided to use it. I will write a post about how I maintain my hair with a u-part wig.

    When I do this protective style I make sure that I was my hair every two weeks. So yesterday  was time for a wash.

  • Product Junkie

    Review: Salerm Protein Shampoo

    In the month October I used the Salerm Protein shampoo twice for my wash routine. This product was on my wish list for 2013 and finally I’ve tried this product. The bottle comes in different sizes, I bought the smallest one (250 ml). With new products I always buy the smallest one, because you never know what the outcome is going to be.

    review Salerm Protein Shampoo

    Why this product: K E R A T I N .. yes this product contains keratin. Keratin strengthens all 3 layers of the hair and it’s the strongest protein.

  • Wash Routine

    Wash day 30 October ’13

    Soooo .. this wash routine was a mess !!! I don’t know what’s up but for the past 2 weeks I have been slacking. Going to bed without moisturizing my hair or put a scarf on. Because of that my hair is breaking and shedding like crazy. I even skipped my washday on Sunday.

    2013.10.30 wash day

  • Wash Routine

    Wash day: 12th October ‘13

    Shedding problems ughh !!!  Since my relaxer my hair is shedding more than it normally does.  I know that I need to do more protein treatments, so I’m going to work on that.

    Step [1] Pre-poo: on my hair I used Organix Moroccan Argan Oil conditioner and for my scalp I used an oil mix (castor + peppermint oil). I pre-pooed my hair for 30 minutes without heat.

    2013.10.13 wash day

  • Product Junkie

    New buys

    As a girl .. I love to shop and this also counts for my hair products.

    I was in need for a protein product .. so I decided to buy the Salerm protein shampoo. This was also a product that I wrote down for my wishlist 2013. LOL it took me 10 months to finally buy this shampoo… ow well I got it know and can’t wait to try it out.

    I also bought 2 protein conditioners .. why 2 I really don’t know. I went to the store with Motions CPR conditioner in mind, but when I saw Creme of Nature Nourishing and Strengthening Treatment … I had to buy it (I live in the Netherlands.. and products here are limited. So when I see a product with positive reviews  from other ladies.. I go crazy).

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