Wash Routine

Wash day 30 October ’13

Soooo .. this wash routine was a mess !!! I don’t know what’s up but for the past 2 weeks I have been slacking. Going to bed without moisturizing my hair or put a scarf on. Because of that my hair is breaking and shedding like crazy. I even skipped my washday on Sunday.

2013.10.30 wash day

Step 1
This time I skipped my pre-poo treatment. For my wash I used Salerm Protein Shampoo and followed my wash with Redken Time Reset conditioner. This is a light weight conditioner that corrects porous-weakened hair. After my wash my hair felt dry and stiff and I mean really stiff, because of the protein.

Step 2
My hair needed some serious moisture boost so I decided to use Creme of Nature Professional Moisture Extreme Conditioner with some oils ((castor, coconut, grape seed, macadamia, peppermint and rosemary oil). I deep conditioned for an hour and 15 minutes  (45 minutes with a hooded dryer and 30 minutes without heat).

Step 3
For this wash I wanted to do a roller set, but my hair was sooo dry and stiff. I was lost. I wasn’t down to air-dry my hair so I did a wrapping set. To protect my hair for the heat, I used ORS wrap/set mouse. I sat under the dryer for almost 2 hours L.  

Step 4
When my hair was 100% dry I moisturized my hair in small sections with a moisture mix (ORS Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion & regular Rosewater). Sealed my hair with ORS HAIRepair oils (it’s a mix of grapeseed & almond oil) and scalped my hair with a castor & peppermint oil mix.

 I have learned my lesson, I will never combine Salerm & Redken in one wash. For my next wash its going to be all moisture, a pause with the protein treatment.

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