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    HairJourneyDiary Planner 2019

    Beginning of the year 2019 I created my own hair planner. And of course with love I’m sharing my planner with you. I love me a good planner / journal so this is definitely a venture you will see more often.  HairJourneyDiary planners is here to stay guys. This planner is available for everyone that really wants keep track of their hair regimen / journey. Healthy hair is the key and I believe this planner will help you.

  • My hair journey,  Protective hairstyle


       “It’s time to give my hair some rest and rock a protective styles” With this stretch I am really focusing on retaining my length. My hair is growing the way I want, but holding on to my length has been difficult. I keep hanging on Arm Pit Length (APL), but now it’s time to move on to full Shoulder Length (SL).

  • My hair journey

    Diary Talk | Hair Goals 2017

    My ow my .. how time flies by. The year 2016 past by QUICK!! As I’m getting ready to write down my hair goals, we already are in the 4th week of January. When I look back at my hair journey in the year 2016, I can definitely say ‘it’s been a journey’. I had some setbacks that caused me to cut my hair several times. My biggest problem is still having to deal with ‘heavy’ breakage. As results it…

  • My hair journey

    Check In | Length 21 December ‘14

    RECENT POST | Wash day 20 December ’14 In my recent post I mentioned that I was preparing my hair for a sleek look. Well the roller set was a fail. I can never get it right. When I see roller set tutorials and the hair looks so sexy, nice bouncy curls, “I’m like I want that too”. After my saran wrap I wasn’t pleased so I decided to flat iron my hair.

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