HairJourneyDiary Planner 2019

Beginning of the year 2019 I created my own hair planner. And of course with love I’m sharing my planner with you. I love me a good planner / journal so this is definitely a venture you will see more often.  HairJourneyDiary planners is here to stay guys.

This planner is available for everyone that really wants keep track of their hair regimen / journey. Healthy hair is the key and I believe this planner will help you.

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Every month you will be able to write down your goals and which monthly regimen you are going to focus on. But let’s also keep in focus the products you are going to use. With this planner you will get more insight what you like and what your hair doesn’t like, what went well or went totally left. You are also able to write down with products you are going to use, your monthly regimen and of course your hair goals. To make it easier and get more insight on your journey, you get the ability to write down you daily hair activity.

The planner is available in two formats. You can but the actual planner or get a printable version.

To purchase the planner you can to the DIARY online Store or Etsy.

Link to Diary store online

Link to Etsy




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