Wash day routine for relaxed hair | February 11!

February 11Wash day routine for relaxed hair | February 11

P R O T E I N | T R E A T M E N T

Now that I am trying to keep up with my protein treatment, I notice that I am trying to listen to my hair. During the week, I notice that my hair felt week and I knew it was time for a protein treatment.

My goal is to finish some products, before I can go on a shopping spree, I decided to use Mizani Moisturefusion Milk Bath Shampoo. I love this shampoo because it moisturise and softens my hair. During the wash my hair had an elastic feel. When you take a strand of hair, and is bounce back like an elastic, then you now that your hair is over moisturized. Because my hair felt that way during the wash, makes me aware that I need to be sensitive with my hair.

With a t-shirt, wrapped around my hair, I made sure to get rid of the excess water.

t-shirt pic

For the condition part, I used Mizani Kerafuse Intense Strengthening Treatment. There were no oils added to the product. In sections of four, the product was applied to my hair. I condition for more than an hour, without heat.

After rinsing out the product, I did not do a moisturizing treatment. I was curious to see how my hair felt. Well I can say my hair felt thick!! This is the second time that I noticed how thick my hair gets after a protein treatment.

 Step 3 | LEAVEIN
Going back to my first love – when we talk about leave-in – Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream was really beneficial in the beginning of my hair journey. Because I am dealing with breakage, I’m going to be using this product more often. In sections of two I applied the product to my hair and used African Pride Strengthening Growth Oil to seal.

As usual, I clipped my hair up and let it air-dry.

The journey to healthy thick hair continues.

Healthy Journey,
E. Diary

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