• Wash Routine

    Wash Day| 18th October  ‘14

    PRODUCTS 18.10.2014

    Step 1
    For my wash treatment I started with a pre-poo treatment. I used two different oils. On my left side I applies Sesame seed oil and on the right side my Coconut oil. Why 2 different oils?? I’m experimenting with the Sesame seed oil. On my scalp I applied Jamaican Black Castor oil x peppermint oil.

    I was busy with cleaning my room and other stuff, so I left the treatment on my hair for about 2 hours. The peppermint oil was in full effect. I love the tingle ling feeling.

    Step 2
    I washed my hair with Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo. I wished my love for the conditioner was the same as for the shampoo. But this shampoo is not the business for me. But why did you use it? My goal is to finish my products. The reason I don’t like this shampoo is because there is no slip.

  • Wash Routine

    Washday July 5


    It’s been a long time that I wrote a blog post about my washday. So here is a quick update. To make a long story short I’m still slacking!! Moisturize and seal every night is still a fail and there are some nights that I didn’t cover my hair with a scarf. If I keep doing this, then I will never retain my length. I’m hoping that I will do better this month. Ohw I almost forgot. There have been some improvements. I deep conditioning with heat every week and did a dust & destroy method every month.

    Step 1 I started with the Mizani Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo. In sections of 3 I washed my hair twice. I like how my hair feels after shampooing. This product gives my hair a nice balance. After the wash I did a quick light conditioner treatment with Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Conditoner. When applying the conditioner I also finger detangle my hair. I left the conditioner in for about 10 minutes and then rinse it out.

  • Wash Routine

    Washday June 9 ‘ 14

    IMG_0494_Fotor_FotorNormally Sunday is my washday, but I was free from work so I planned to wash my hair on Monday.

    I don’t know why I keep on doing this. I haven’t been faithful to my regimen and my hair is screaming for help.

    Step 1  I started the routine with a new shampoo that I bought in February ‘Mizani Moisturfusion Milk Bath’. This shampoo had the same smell as the conditioner. I washed my hair twice in sections. The shampoo has a nice feel on my hair. the texture of the shampoo feels like a light conditioner that you will to co-wash. This month I will be using this shampoo to see if it’s a keeper.

    Step 2 After I t-shirt dried my hair – I left the t-shirt on my hair for about 30 minutes– I gently detangled my hair in four sections.  I love my texlaxed hair. Thick – soft – fully hair … YES!! For detangling my hair I always use a shower comb. After that I went on with a protein conditioner. I applied ORS Replenishing Conditioner on my hair. I have been using this conditioner for yeaarrss and it has never let me down!! I was feeling lazy, but I told myself NO be serious – lool sometimes I need to check myself-.  It’s been a will that I did the DIY hair steaming method. – I will do a separate post bout this method-. I deep condition my hair with heat for 30 minutes.

  • Wash Routine

    Washday 1st June ‘14

    2014-06-01 WASHDAY

    Saturday evening I went to a birthday party and I new I was fucked for the next day. I really wanted to wash my hair before I went to church, because my hair was DEAD!!! So I decided to start my wash routine at night.

    [1] Before I went to bed. I decided to do a pre-poo treatment overnight. Because of the Hairlista Coconut Challenge I used Coconut oil on my hair and applied an oil mix (black castor oil x peppermint oil) on my scalp.  I warmed the coconut oil with my hand, that’s the easy way.

    – I love me some pre poo treatment. In the morning my hair was so shiny and moist –


    [2] I’m trying to keep up with co-washing my hair. In February I bought Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Conditoner and it was time to try it out. I co-wash my hair the same way I wash my hair with a shampoo.

  • Wash Routine

    Wash day 25th May ‘14

    WASH DAYThat moment that you planned your day for your wash routine anddd then you become lazy -_- What it happened was * lool *. I wanted to do ‘hard’ protein treatment with Aphogee two-step protein treatment, record my search destroy method and do a length check. Eeuhmm well it didn’t go as planned.

    Last week I flat ironed my hair for an family occasion that I went to. Euuhmm I did something bad. I flat ironed my hair again, Sunday before I went to church. I’m slacking .. big  time.

    Step 1
    Before the wash I did a search and destroy method. This is a method to get rid of split ends. So far I’m doing a good job, doing this method monthly J. One of myhair problems is the fact that I have thin ends, so I’m taking baby step to solve it.

  • Hair Relaxer

    Relaxer: April 5th ’14

    1. 2014-04-05It was time to relax my hair. I said the last time I wouldn’t stretch my relaxer more than 16 week, but damn it man I stretched for 25 weeks. There is nothing wrong with stretching your relaxer for so long, but I wanted to minimize it to 16-20 week. The last time I relaxed my hair I was 31 weeks post… yup 31 weeks.

    I decided to relax my hair because it wasn’t manageable for me. The struggle was real when I tried to style my hair.

    The week before I did a protein treatment to prepare my hair for the relaxer.

    It’s time for the creamy crack !!!

    [1] I always prep my scalp for the relaxer. I part my hair in small section. Then I apply Vaseline on my scalp only. I grease my scalp because a Lye-relaxer is harsh on the scalp. Yup I said it!!  I’m also thinking of switching back to a No-Lye relaxer. I will tell you why in a different blog post. But yeah.. after greasing my scalp I apply the relaxer on my new growth only. When the relaxer is applied I smooth out the new growth with my fingers. I only use my fingers to smooth out the new growth.

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