Relaxed wash routine

Wash Day| 18th October  ‘14

PRODUCTS 18.10.2014

Step 1
For my wash treatment I started with a pre-poo treatment. I used two different oils. On my left side I applies Sesame seed oil and on the right side my Coconut oil. Why 2 different oils?? I’m experimenting with the Sesame seed oil. On my scalp I applied Jamaican Black Castor oil x peppermint oil.

I was busy with cleaning my room and other stuff, so I left the treatment on my hair for about 2 hours. The peppermint oil was in full effect. I love the tingle ling feeling.

Step 2
I washed my hair with Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo. I wished my love for the conditioner was the same as for the shampoo. But this shampoo is not the business for me. But why did you use it? My goal is to finish my products. The reason I don’t like this shampoo is because there is no slip.

Step 3
When my hair was towel dried I gently detangled my hair. What I did notice that the hair loss was minimal. After detangling I applied the Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner in small sections. Without heat I deep condition my hair for 1½ hour.

Step 4
Oke, so I was ready to roller site my hair. I prepared my self mentally for this process – lool –  I had a birthday party in the evening and I was running out of time  – smh – when my hair was still wet I sprayed CHI Keratin Mist all over my hair and let it sit for bit. After 5 minutes I Sprayed Elasta QP Shine and Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-In H2 Conditioner all over my hair.  To end it all I applied two pump of ORS Wrap/Set Mousse. 

LENGTH CHECK I 18.10.2014LENGHT CHECK II 18.10.2014

So oke now I’m down with the leave-in. I started with blow drying my hair in four sections. When my hair was completely dry I applied Creme of Nature Argan oil treatment for some shine. For the sleek look I flat ironed my hair in small sections.


In the morning I wasn’t happy with my hair, the length was bothering me. So I decided to trim my hair – something I planed to do in September – My hair is back to shoulder length, but it is even. A cut or a trim is always good. I see it as a new start to grow your hair.

                       LENGTH CHECK 18.10.14LENGTH CHECK IV

THE CUT II 18-10-2104

Ready for a new journey

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