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So i’m watching a video on YouTube from MissLBailey (lovely lady). She is showing the viewers how she dust/trim her hair. While explaining this she tell us about how she uses a schedule. The schedule dates when it’s time to cut your hair. I have never heard about this, but she was really pleased about it. So I thought let me check this site out :-).

The Hair chart is from Morrocco method. They sell hair products and other stuff, but I’m not interested in that .. I wanna know more about the charts. So here it goes

The Lunar Chart displays the 5 optimal dates each month for cutting and beautifying hair. Certain days are especially beneficial for a certain task and are noted on the calendar in red. In addition, there are dates each season of particular importance. Below the haircutting chart is our chart for retarding growth — the best days for shaving, plucking, and waxing.

Lunar Hair Cutting Dates 2012


So I looked at this chart and I want to try it out. Just because when it comes to dusting or trimming my hair I’m not really active with it. The say you need to trim/dust every 6-8 week. Well my schedule .. you know what .. let’s not talk about that .. lool. And using this chart it will make it easier to dust/trim my hair, I hope *fingers crossed*.

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