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ORS Monoi Oil

In February I received a gift from the ORS Team based in UK!! The gift was a box with hair products from the Monoï line and several other products from ORS. I was so happy with receiving the products, because for a while I had set my eyes on buying some hair products of the Monoï Oil line.

Months later, I finally took the time to try out the products. To be honest, there was one product that I used immediately; ORS Monoï Oil Fusion (review coming soon).

The second product I’m testing is the ORS Monoi Oil Fortifying Shampoo.

First taught

ORS Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage Fortifying Shampoo features healthy Omega 3 & 6 plus antioxidants to help protect hair from breakage. Our exclusive ORS Monoi Oil, sulfate-free formula gently cleanses to effectively remove product build-up and strengthen the hair to defend against future breakage. Penetrating micro-oils restore hair with intense moisture, shine and body. Great for detangling.

I always look for important key words when I’m reading the description. What immediately caught my eye were the words; Monoi, omega, sulfate free, intense moisture. I never used a product that has Monoi ingredients and contains Omega 3 & 6.

The shampoo has a flower type of scent. I’m really easy when it comes to how a product smells. As long it doesn’t has a chemical scent to it, I’m good.

Let me say this; shampoo’s that are sulfate free keeps on amazing me. The shampoo is really rich!! When I was washing my hair, I was smiling real hard. The slip is AMAZING and I could easily detangle my hair with my fingers.

Let’s not forget about the moisture. During the wash and after rinsing out the shampoo, my hair had a nice shine to it and the softness was amazing.

Now I’m going to honest, I’m that type of person that always gets excited when using a new product, but I really think this product is going to be a keeper. I will keep on using the product for this coming stretch and let’s see how far it will take me.

Reason for using this product
I’m still dealing with breakage, so getting my hair to even balance of moisture and protein is must. After reading the description, this should be a product to get my hair back in shape!

The journey to thick and healthy hair continues

Healthy Hair Journey,
E. Diary

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