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The power of music!



And there I was in a dark place asking myself ‘how are things getting better’. The good thing was I knew I had to make a change, but now was the question where to start?


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One thing that really helped me dealing with my emotions was and is still music! I would always run to music to express my feelings inside. Maybe it’s me but when I’m mad I would listen to aggressive songs, whenever I was sad or heartbroken then I would have sis Keyshia Cole or Auntie Mary on repeat.


“Yes! I love me some good R&B”


During my dark stage something shifted and I started to listen to more worship songs. I noticed that I was really pouring out my hearth true music and asking God to save me from my situation. It may sound strange, but that was the moment I knew I had to work on my relationship with God. He needed to be in the centre of my life period!

To worship is to show a lot of love and adoration for something. Religious believers worship gods, and people can worship other people and things too. Worship is an extreme form of love — it’s a type of unquestioning devotion. If you worship God, then you love God so much that you don’t question him at all.

Funny story; when I lived at my parents place, my mom had a rule that we (my siblings & I) weren’t allowed to play worldly music. Listen we drove her crazy without our music. It was that bad!

The worships songs that I was listening to really opened my eyes. Like Marvin Sap album “Thirsty” & “Here I Am” had me crying every time like a baby that was longing for a mother’s touch.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that worship songs fully cleared me, but it was definitely a key factor in starting to work on building a stronger relationship with God. I still listen to ‘worldly’ music, but I do it in moderation. Now when I’m angry or sad and really want to let my emotions come out through music, guess what .… yeah you got it right! I will listen to worship or praise songs. Lifting my soul up instead of keeping my emotions on the same level of sadness or anger.


“Lifting my soul”


Not everyone realize this, even myself, but there is so much power in music. With all the different varieties, you can find a song for every mood. Whenever you are in bad or happy place and music is your outlet, I will say just make sure you listen to music that will lift you spirit up.

For me listen to primarily break-up or aggressive songs only held me back in my emotional growth. Again there is nothing wrong with listening to worldly music, just know which type of songs you allow to come into your heart & mind.


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