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36 weeks post relaxer, smooth as butter

What was I thinking to stretch my hair for 36 weeks, yes I’m 36 weeks post relaxer. This has been my longest stretch ever! My goals was to stretch for minimal 20 weeks, but this time I really didn’t feel like texlaxing my new growth. So that’s how I ended up with 36 weeks stretching.

It’s the new year and my hair is screaming for the creamy crack

The time has arrived to texlax my hair. To be honest I wasn’t in the mood to do my whole routine. I’m talking about protecting parts that already has been texlaxed. I also haven’t done a protein treatment, a week prior, before texlaxing. This is going to bite me in the ass, but hey, let’s start.

Instruction video how to transfer your relaxer!
How I transform my relaxer to texlax


My method for texlaxing my hair hasn’t changed. The only thing that I did different was start at the back (left & right part) and worked to the front parts. Because I have been stretching for so long, I really had to take my time while applying the mixture to my hair. As a result my texlax process was almost 30 minutes.

“Normally I texlax my hair under 15 minutes”

I’m not sure if I’m going to stretch my hair for this period of time again. The process of being 36 weeks post was long and a bit difficult. Dealing with different textures can be a challenge sometimes.

36 weeks post relaxer | HairJourneyDiary

“Smooth as butter”

Yass baybe! Okay Okay .. the process was long, but definitely worth it. My edges are laid and my hair is smooth again. I can’t believe that I have waited so long to texlax my hair.

Telaxing at 20 weeks post relaxer

So now that my new growth is texlaxed, I’m going to focus on getting my hair back healthy again. Because I need to be honest.  The truth is that I have been dealing with hair loss and crazy split ends.

      36 weeks post relaxer | HairJourneyDiary

Join with me on this journey “back to basic” to get our hair fabulous and sexy again.

Last relaxer: 20th April 2019
Fresh relaxer: 1st  January 2020
Next relaxer: 4th July 2020

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