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Getting rid of toxins by using clay mask for your hair

clay mask for hair_eemsdiary

Since May my focus has been on keeping my scalp nourished by doing different things. From detoxing to nourishing my scalp I’m all in it. Now I have come across something new and that is clay mask for your hair.

What?! Clay mask for your hair?

In my process finding out more about detoxing your scalp I came to detoxing your hair and I was curious to know more about it. In the natural hair community removing toxins from your hair with clay mask is nothing new.

So I did my research and found which type of clay I needed to use. The one that I saw and got me interested is bentonite clay.

clay mask for hair_eemsdiary

Bentonite clay is a natural clay with a fine, soft texture. It forms a paste when mixed with water. Some people use this paste for medical or cosmetic benefits, such as treating rashes and acne or as a hair mask – Medical new today

When I have set my eyes on something I want to try out immediately. I was happy to find out that they sell this clay in the Netherlands, so I went to store to purchase it.

Stick around and see how I used this clay on wash day!

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