The prayer list that got me to a new chapter

Prayer list

2016 was the year of turning things around! I took me a while to get there, but really working on myself got me to a place of wanting better things for myself.

In 2016 I had some goals in mind, but it was when my mother told me to write some things down for a prayer request that my desires shifted for the better. At first I was like ‘here we go again’ when my mom asked me for a prayer request, but this time I took it serious and wrote down what I desired.

I really turned to God for my heart desires

One desire on my prayer list was a place for myself. I was done with university and working full-time. So for me it was time to move out my parents place and start a new journey.

Another important desire was finding a new workplace where I can develop myself. It took me a while to really take that step to find a new job, but it was necessary.

Although I filled in a prayer request I knew that I myself needed be dedicated with my desires. Most of us are familiar with the Bible verse:
You do not have because you do not ask God

So I didn’t play with my prayer request. I was like God I leave it up to you. Let me focus on searching the home and a new job, but may you guide me in my search.

I was looking for a place since 2015. So in 2016 I was really like when will I find my home. Because of my attitude changing I was really glad I had a prayer list. It reminded me to keep faith and that the other houses I reacted on wasn’t for me.

Fast forward to the month April

There was an apartment I reacted on, but I was ranked #11. Nowhere in the top 5. So to be honest I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Somewhere end of April I received a letter from the housing corporation. I was like “what is this”, because I forget that I applied on a place.

In the letter it mentions that I got ranked number #6 or so and if I was interested I can come by to check out the place. I was like okay, but didn’t get my hope up too much, because there are 5 other candidates before me. But to keep positive mind I turned to God

The day arrived to check out the place. I always go with my mother to check out a place because her opinion matters because my mother is critical.

So when I entered the house I fell in love. I was like God ‘this is you?’. The first thing I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of people. So I asked the lady if others had come, but she replied with it’s only u and another person that ranked #1.

Hmmm … so it’s me #6 and #1 present. From being ranked above #10 to come to #6 and now only #1 & I are present is something else.

The moment of truth

It was time to hand over our documents, so that the lady could check if everything was correct.

She started with #1 because hey he ranked first place. He handed some documents but is wasn’t complete. As soon I heard that, I was like 👀👀. The lady looked at me and asked for my papers. If you could see the way I responded. Men… the lady didn’t get the chance to finish her sentence. Before I knew she told me the place was mine.

The reason I share this chapter of my life is because I truly believe it was God that made it possible. Giving God my desires and let Him have control when it comes to my prayer list, got me to my place.

The journey continues because although getting my place was a blessing, it also got me into some storms.

My Life Journey Diary, Eems

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