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Relaxed hair confession session, hair breakage!

I have a confession! After relaxing my hair in February, I stayed at family member place for 3 weeks.  During that period is when the laziness of not taking care of my hair became worse. Although I kept up with washing my every week, I failed in how I needed to take care of my hair during the week.

“Laziness is taking over”

Moisturizing my hair during the week was not on the top of my list. I will apply some moisture to my hair here and there, but it wasn’t done the proper way. Listen you can call my hair “Thirsty Thoth Diana”.

When my hair needs moisture and I neglect that, breakage comes to play. One thing that we don’t want is hair breakage, right?! Breakage is like that one friend that invites herself to the party, when she didn’t received an invite.

“Hair breakage is like an uninvited guest”

One thing that I went wrong is not being mindful of my hair after relaxing. I have added a chemical treatment to my hair and here I’m not making sure that my hair is treated the right way.

hair breakage

Now, that is not the only thing going on with my hair. I have noticed that I was in a little hair funk. Every hairstyle I wasn’t feeling it, even my high bun styles. For those who know me, know that I love me a high bun hair style.

I have been thinking of colouring my hair, but that is a no. Adding chemical on chemical will mess up your hair. So we are not doing that. I even taught of wearing wigs or even weave my hair. You know what, a weave is not a bad idea, so I’m keeping that in mind.

But yeah, as you can read, even I deal with moments that I’m not feeling my hair. Taking care of your hair is an ongoing journey. So don’t feel defeated when you are dealing with hair problems. Pick yourself back up, by going back to the basic and start over from there.


I’m here to help you with taking care of  your relaxed hair. That’s is why I’m sharing my journey with you. Let us tackle the hair problems together!

With Care,

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