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3 tips to start off your healthy hair care

You are over it of having unhealthy hair. Your hair is dry, breaking and you are not able to get to your desired hair length. You have mad up your mind and decided to take better care of you hair. In this post I’m going to share with you 3 tips that will help you start your healthy hair care.

Keep in mind taking care of your hair is a journey, so don’t think that you can skip steps. It’s time to start your healthy hair care.

Tip 1 – Current hair state
Have a good understanding what your hair problems are. Before your start your healthy hair care know what your current hair state is. Some problems are obvious, like having dry hair or breakage, but I advise you to really take your time and list all your hair problems.

“Take your time and list all your hair problems”

When I started my hair journey, I had a lot of different hair problems. Like for example, when I moisturized my hair, in a few hours my hair was dry and looking dull. Also I had bleach & relaxed my hair way too often in a short period time, which resulted in bold spots in the back of my head.

So knowing my current hair state and knowing what caused my hair problems, helped me with setting hair goals to achieve healthier hair.

Tip 2 – set some hair goals
Now that you have a clear understanding on you current hair state. It’s time to set some hair goals. Okay, I know you want long, lushes, beautiful hair. But before we can get to your desired length, let’s focus on fixing your hair problems.

Your hair goals should be focused on your current hair situation, because it’s about fixing your hair problems. And let me tell you a secret. When your hair is healthy, you will get longer hair. That’s why you need to tackle your hair problems.

“When your hair is healthy, you will get longer hair”

Write down what you want to improve about your hair. So for example that can be, shiner hair, less breakage, less split ends, thicker hair and we can go on and on. Don’t go overboard with your goals, like I mentioned before, taking care of your hair is a journey.

Start with one or two hair goals so that you can really focus on a specific problem. As you are focussing on that hair goal you will definitely see improvement in your hair.

Tip 3 – create a hair routine
Let’s create a hair routine that suits your lifestyle. Taking care of your hair is a task on its own. That’s why it’s really important to know how to take care of your hair on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Without a routine, you will be doing all kind of stuff which will result in you being tired and not achieving the results that you want. I may sound dramatic, but believe me having a hair routine is major key. Your hair will thank you for it!

start your hair journey
downloadable hair form to write your healthy hair care

I you feel like, I don’t know what my hair routine should be, don’t worry. In my next post I will share more information on how to create a hair routine. But in the meantime do the work and let’s write down some are goals.


With care for your hair,


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