Looking back on the year 2020!

What a  year was 2020 was A lot of emotions has taken place, but my storm started in December 2019. Crying in my car like a baby, because of a situation I didn’t see coming. Yes, my 2020 was definitely a storm, but not because of COVID-19. It was more due to personal situations I had to manage. Dealing with COVID-19 was less of my worries. Don’t get me wrong this pandemic was challenging, but I already had my own situation going on 😔

As I’m looking back on the year 2020, I once again can truly say I serve a living God 🙏🏾. In every storm there is a blessing. I know that in the moment of your storm, you can only think about “I just want this to be over”. But when you hand over your worries to God and do the work, you will get to your blessing ✨
My blessing for 2020 is that I have found my joy again and a better understanding when it comes to my purpose. Finding my drive & happiness is what I’m most thankful for. ⁠⠀
The journey of life comes in seasons, so I’m ready for my next season 💪🏾

Thank God for his Grace


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