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What are EEMSDIARY yearly hair goals?

yearly hair goal eemsdiary

As I’m getting ready to write a post, I realized that I didn’t write done my yearly hair goal. I’m shaking my head, because we are already in July. Off course I know what my hair goals are, but I like to write it down and share with you ladies what my focus is going to be.

Let’s have a talk

Looking back at the previous month, I have dealt with split ends and breakage a lot. Not being consistent with my regimen has caused my hair setback. I always advise other ladies to be consistent, so I need to take my own advice.

In May I did a much needed trim and I was happy with the results. I can get a little bit too happy when I trim my hair, so I had to stop myself. At this moment my hair is over my shoulders, but I still need to correct the front of my hair. The front is way shorter than my back.

But okay back to my hair goals! This year my main focus is on retaining my length. I already hear your asking, but ‘EEMS’ hasn’t that always been your goals? Yes, it has but my vision was different.

Get your vision in place

Over the years I have noticed that my hair texture has changed for the better, but with that my regimen also has changed.

So one of my goals are discovering for myself which regimen is going to help me retain my length and minimize split ends. Although I love a short bob style, I want to grow my hair to full thick armpit length.

Also getting back to doing research on ingredients in hair products. I’m a hair / skin care product junkie and always payed attention what type of ingredient are in products, but lately I haven’t been doing that and that is effecting my healthy hair care.

Let’s do some research

As always I will take you with me on my journey on how I  achieve my goal. From sharing my new regimen and products that I will be using to methods on how to handle your hair.

For now I have a lot of content on my blog, IG page & YouTube channel. So don’t be stranger and subscribe & follow the girl this platforms.

The thick & healthy hair continues, Eems!

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