• Hair care routine,  Restore damage hair

    Diary Talk | Realization!

    Ow my .. I need help!! It’s been a while. I fell off the map a little bit. This couple of months has been crazy. I finally got my own place – doing my happy ratchet dance – and it has taking a lot of my energy. As result I have been neglecting my hair, BAD!! Not keeping up with my regimen has ‘damage my hair’. What I mean with damage, I noticed I have a lot of split ends…

  • Restore damage hair

    DiaryManual | Saving my strands

    Problem areas During my hair journey there have been some parts that have been my problem areas. I decided to do a little project and concentrate on the parts that need some extra TLC. The problem areas are my edges, nape and crown area. For now I’m mostly focusing on the nape and edges. My problem is growing out both areas. The growth rate is a bit slower than the rest of my hair and the sensitive part. Routine schedule…

  • Restore damage hair

    Cut cut cut 16 February ’14!!

     The last time I trimmed my hair was in March’ 13. I was in shock when I looked up the date. This year I need to do better. I’m slacking with my regimen and it’s really showing. My problems are that I have uneven and thin ends.  The only way for me to correct it, is to cut my hair. Saturday night before I went to bed. I prepped my hair. – Off course I washed my hair in the…

  • Restore damage hair,  Wash day routine


    Ow woow what a week .. my hair has been shedding like crazy .. I think it’s because of the weather and also too much direct heat. I live in the Netherlands so  its autumn season #smh. Normally my wash day is on Saturday .. but I had some plans yesterday. I went to a M.A.C. workshop .. I had a good time. So I’m washing my hair today. Because of the shedding I’m going to steam my hair with…

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