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Problem areas

During my hair journey there have been some parts that have been my problem areas. I decided to do a little project and concentrate on the parts that need some extra TLC.

The problem areas are my edges, nape and crown area. For now I’m mostly focusing on the nape and edges. My problem is growing out both areas. The growth rate is a bit slower than the rest of my hair and the sensitive part.

Routine schedule

I planned to do more protective styles. During my hair journey I noticed that bunning my hair 95% wasn’t the best style to do. Because of the pulling and styling in a tight pony tail.

My protective styling consist of:

  • Cornrow braid or twist
  • Self made wig
  • Braids or twist

By applying one of the styles, it gives me a chance to leave my hair alone for a period of time and also helps to grow out my hair. I also need to work on applying an oil to my scalp on a weekly basis. The oil that I prefer for my scalp is Jamaican Black Castor oil. Using this oil will make my new growth thicker.
Here are some pictures that I took when my hair was freshly texlaxed – August 16 -.

2015.08.16 nape   20015.08.16 side nape & edges

2015.08.16 right side   2015.08.16 left side

Since September 19 have been protective styling with a wig. I plan to keep on protective style my hair in the month October and hopefully also in November.

Protective styling to the rescue!


 Texlaxed hair | how to deal with your edges and nape

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