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Wash day | September 19!

2015.09.19 WASHDAY

I decided to protect my hair for several reasons. One trying to retain length and second because of the weather. I live in the Netherlands and its fall season. The weather is f#!%ed up. So I have been protective styling my hair since September 12. My style for the moment is protecting with a wig. I will write a post about how I prep and maintain my hair while wigging – lol it that a word? Wigging? –

Step 1
I skipped the pre poo treatment and went straight to washing my hair. Because I didn’t apply any product to my hair during the week, I only needed to shampoo once. For the wash I used Mizani Moisturfusion Milk Bath Shampoo.

Step 2
My hair was a bit dry so I really needed a good moisture treatment. In small sections I applied Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner to my hair. I deep conditioner for almost 3 hours without heat – yes 3 hours, I was watching a Nigerian movie –

Oooohhh Nexxus I love you so so much!! Giving the moisture that I need

2015.09.19 wash day results I   2015.09.19 wash day results II  2015.09.19 wash day results III


Step 3
Okay, so it was late and I was tired. I went to bed while my hair was still wrapped with a cotton t-shirt. The next morning my hair was 50% dry. Because I planned to protective style again I had to prep my hair. I sprayed CHI Keratin Mist all over my hair and sealed with Macadamia Natural Healing Oil.

After blow drying I moisturized my hair with ORS Hair lotion and Elasta QP Olive Oil & Moisturizing Mango Butter and then sealed with Almond oil. After prepping I braided my hair so I can sew down my wig.

Protective styling is the key!

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