“It’s time to give my hair some rest

and rock a protective styles”

With this stretch I am really focusing on retaining my length. My hair is growing the way I want, but holding on to my length has been difficult. I keep hanging on Arm Pit Length (APL), but now it’s time to move on to full Shoulder Length (SL).

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Wash day | May 14!

2016.05.14 HAIR PRODUCTS

For the last two weeks I have been wearing my wig as a protective style. I’m trying to leave my hair alone and protect it from the weather. So far I’m holding on. Before I started with the protective style I did a protein treatment, two weeks ago, to strengthen my hair. I planned to wear my wig for another 3 weeks – I hope I can manage, after a while I miss my hair – .

At this moment I’m 18 weeks post relaxer 

IMG_2527Pre-poo treatment
For a while I wanted to do a pre-poo ‘oil’ treatment with my steamer. I applied vitamin E oil mixed with a little bit of Jojoba oil all over my hair and scalp. Normally I would use Castor or Coconut oil, but I wanted to try something different. I used the Huetiful Hair Steamer for the treatment. After the treatment the front of my hair felt soft, but the back felt a bit stiff – weird -, I need to play with using Vitamin E oil for a pre-poo treatment-.

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DiaryManual | Saving my strands

Problem areas

During my hair journey there have been some parts that have been my problem areas. I decided to do a little project and concentrate on the parts that need some extra TLC.

The problem areas are my edges, nape and crown area. For now I’m mostly focusing on the nape and edges. My problem is growing out both areas. The growth rate is a bit slower than the rest of my hair and the sensitive part.

Routine schedule

I planned to do more protective styles. During my hair journey I noticed that bunning my hair 95% wasn’t the best style to do. Because of the pulling and styling in a tight pony tail.

My protective styling consist of:

  • Cornrow braid or twist
  • Self made wig
  • Braids or twist

By applying one of the styles, it gives me a chance to leave my hair alone for a period of time and also helps to grow out my hair. I also need to work on applying an oil to my scalp on a weekly basis. The oil that I prefer for my scalp is Jamaican Black Castor oil. Using this oil will make my new growth thicker.
Here are some pictures that I took when my hair was freshly texlaxed – August 16 -.

2015.08.16 nape   20015.08.16 side nape & edges

2015.08.16 right side   2015.08.16 left side

Since September 19 have been protective styling with a wig. I plan to keep on protective style my hair in the month October and hopefully also in November.

Protective styling to the rescue!


 Texlaxed hair | how to deal with your edges and nape

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Wash day 24th August ‘14


So I’m finally home from  my trip and it was time to wash my hair.  Because of my braids I had to find a different way to do my wash  routine. To make it easy I used a spraying bottle.

Step 1
I started with conditioning my hair. I mixed Cream of Nature Professional Moisture Extreme Conditioner with castor , rosemary oil  and glycerine. I dilute the mixture with a little bit of water. I applied the mixture on the beginning of the braids. I deep condition my hair for about 1 ½ hours without heat.

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How do you do it? – maintaining your braids –

braids hairstyleOn my trip to Madrid I braided my hair. I like to braid or weave my hair when I’m away from  home. It was a trip for 9 days.  The reason I do this type of styles is because I don’t want to bring a lot of hair products on the trip.

During my trip I realised that I  had nothing to keep my hair moisturize. A wrong move for not brining any hair products. – it is important to keep your hair moisturize even when you have braids –  For the trip I made a spritz for my face – a mixture of rosewater with a little bit of water -. Instead of using the spritz  for my face I decided to use it on my hair.

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Wash day 15 February ‘14

2014.02.15 blog foto 1

So I finally decided to wash my hair. What I’m doing lately is really really bad. On February 9th I took down my u-part wig. It was two weeks already and my edges needed a break. But I was sooo tired that I really didn’t had the energy to go and wash my hair. So I told myself I will do it on Monday, after work * side eye *.

Step 1

The last time I clarify my hair was in September. I need to step my game up, but yeah it’s time to clarify my hair. For this routine I used ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo. I sectioned my hair in 8 parts. Working in parts works for me. after the wash my hair was rough, this shampoo really clarifies. When I was done washing I applied Redken Real Control Conditioner for some boost. I’m starting to like this conditioner. It’s a light weight conditioner so I left in for 5 minutes.

2014.02.15 wash day (clarify)Step 2

For about 6 minutes I t-shirt dried my hair. In the mean time I mixed my conditioner with some oils (Creme of Nature Professional Moisture Extreme Conditioner with castor, grape seed, peppermint, rosemary oil and glycerine). I deep conditioned for 45 minutes with a hooded dryer. When I’m done conditioning I let my hair cool off for 5 minutes. This conditioner is definitely a K E E P E R.

Step 3

I always start late with my routine, I don’t know why I always do that. In the evening I had a date with my girlfriends. I applied Garnier Fructis Nutri repair 3 leave-in  all over my hair and without detangling my hair I put it in a high bun and I was ready to go. I didn’t use a lot of product because the next day I planned to flat iron my hair.

Washing your hair is always a good thing. I’m 18 weeks post and  I love how my new growth feels.

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