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How to protect your relaxed hair during the cold weather!

relaxed hair during the cold weather

For some of us we have entered autumn / winter season and in this season our fabulous hair needs some extra TLC. So let’s talk about how to protect your relaxed hair during the cold weather.


This cold weather is no joke and can cause some dryness to your hair. Your hair needs to be protected from the rain and harsh wind. With my own hair, I take it up a notch when it comes to keeping my hair moisturized. There a many different method and products you can use when it comes to protecting your hair especially in the colder period.

In this post I’m sharing four methods that will be beneficial when it comes to keeping your relaxed hair moisturized during the cold weather.

relaxed hair during cold weather

“Time for some protection during the cold months”

Keeping your hair tucked away is a great method to retain moisture. You can think of styles like box or knotless braids, cornrows or wigs to keep your hair protected. I personally love me some braids, but wearing a wig is also a good choice. Pick a style that works for you and your hair routine. At the end of the day it’s all about protecting your hair.

Using a shampoo on weekly basis can strip your hair, so using a lighter conditioner as your co-wash will help with keeping the moisture in your hair. If you are like me and still want to use a regular shampoo, but still want to keep the moisture in your hair, then add another wash day during the week to co-wash.

“Favourite of wash day”

My favourite part of wash day. Deep conditioning your hair is major when it comes to the health of your hair. During the colder days adding some heat by sitting under a hooded dryer or a steamer will enhance the conditioner that you are using. No worries if you don’t have the tools. Just make sure you deep condition at least for 30 minutes to an hour.

Keeping it sweet and simple! Make sure to moisturize your hair every day or every other day with a rich based moisturizing cream or lotion. Don’t go to long with not moisturizing your hair. I have done that in the past and my hair was not happy at all. The cold weather is not spearing our hear, so make sure that you moisturize your fabulous strands.

Please take note, an oil on its own, is not a moisturizer. A product needs to contain water/aqua/H2o for it to be moisturizing.

This are my four tips that you can apply during the colder months. Based on what works for you and your routine pick a method that can give your hair some extra TLC.

Can you use this methods in the warmer months? Off course you can, tips methods can also be beneficial to stretch your relaxer.

Which method(s) do you prefer for your hair?

With care,

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