• Finance

    She ain’t got no money in the bank!

    There I was all happy about my new chapter. Getting my own place back in 2016 was one of the things that was on my prayer list. Finally my own place, just for me. I was ready for that chapter to happen. Learning how to be more responsible and be fully responsible for taking care of my finances. Well let me tell you, the finance part really slapped me in the face. “From good to bad” Having my own place…

  • Finance

    Balling on a budget to lower my expenses!

      This year, one of my biggest focus is my MONEY. 2020 will be my fourth year, that I have my own place, but babe …. let me tell you “it hasn’t always been easy”. One thing that I really miss is saving my smoney. “So for this year I’m moving different”

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