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In my recent post I mentioned that I was preparing my hair for a sleek look. Well the roller set was a fail. I can never get it right. When I see roller set tutorials and the hair looks so sexy, nice bouncy curls, “I’m like I want that too”. After my saran wrap I wasn’t pleased so I decided to flat iron my hair.

This was the first time that my hair was bouncy as f**k – excuse my language – but yeah my hair felt good.

When you flat iron your hair, you know what time it is. LENGTH CHECK TIME!!! The last time that I did a length check was in October (recent post |length check October). Since October I have done a search and destroy method for my split ends.

2014.12.29 Blog Lenght Check I 2014.12.29 Length check blog II

(I need to take better pictures)

When you compare the picture you see some growth. In the October I was at number 4 and now I’m at number 6. I look at the pictures for a long time – don’t mind me – but in my head I’m asking myself “is this right?” I know my hair is growing because I feel my new growth.

My goal is retaining length and so far it’s going oke. I can be better, but I’m still suffering for split ends – my own fault – The way I used direct heat on my hair lately is not good at all. Second I don’t think I have a good heat protectant, because my split ends are CRAZY!!

To get rid of my split ends I need to keep up with my monthly regimen.
Protein treatments
Search & destroy method


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