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texturizer vs relaxer

Is your natural or are you relaxed? That is one of the questions that I get often. Most people know that I relax my hair, but I still get look like ‘ohw I thought that you were Natural’.

Whether you are natural of relaxed it’s all about keeping your healthy. But for some years know the word texturizer comes by.  In my environment the texturizer is mostly used by ladies who are natural. The reason they use it is because it loosens up the curls pattern. But what I mainly noticed that they claim that their hair is still natural.

Me: uuhhmm isn’t a texturizer the same as a relaxer? Them: no because when I wash my hair it curls back. Me: uuhhmm it’s a chemical product and the conversations goes on. I remember that I had a discussion with a friend about the texturizer that got a bit heated – lool-

To start off, natural hair means that you don’t have any chemicals in your hair that manipulate the hair texture.

So what exactly is a texturizer?

I myself have never used a texturizer, so I can’t comment on the end results. So to get more information about the product I went to my best friend Google. In various articles there was mentioned that hair company’s claim the texturizer to be a natural product. NOT!! But why? Like a relaxer a texturizer will change your hair pattern because it contains a chemical ingredient.

So is it the same as a relaxer? No, a texturizer is made to loosing up your curl pattern. That’s way most ladies will say ‘when I was my hair I still have my curls’. Also the way that the treatments works is different from a relaxer. For example a texturizer is left on the hair for about 10 minutes.

     .texturizer 2    texturizer

So what exactly is a relaxer?

I call it the creamy crack – lool –  A relaxer will straighten your hair, that means your hair is completely change to a different hair texture.  Also the process of relaxing is more intensive than with a texturizer.

But when I think about a texturizer is almost, keep in mind I said almost, the same as texlaxing your hair. Now what is texlaxing? When you under process your hair with a relaxer. The result that you get is hair with texture – the hair isn’t bone straight-.

relaxer 2    relaxer 1

The reason I wrote about this subject, because it’s important to know what a product really does. So when I hear ladies talk about a product with incorrect information, it saddens me.  I’m not anti texturizer and sure not anti relaxer, but please be informed.

Keep in mind all hair types are beautiful!

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