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July; retouching my new growth with ORS No-Lye Relaxer

It’s time for the creamy crack! I’m fighting with myself when I’m styling my hair. Being 20 weeks post relaxer is getting exhausting. With my next stretch I’m going back to 16 weeks of stretching. As always for retouching my new growth I used ORS No-Lye Relaxer.

Let’s start the process

I don’t like for my new growth to be bone straight, so I manipulate the relaxer by adding a product. This time around I used oils instead of a light conditioner. To be honest I was out of conditioner, that’s why I added oils to the mixture. I used 1 cup of Olive oil and 1 cup of Castor oil. I like this oils for my hair and they were in hands reach.

Take your time and really mix the oil and relaxer together. I needs to be one solid mixture. On my YouTube Channel I have a video on how to transform your ORS No-Lye Relaxer.

To protect the perimeter of my face & the previous relaxed hair I used Vaseline. To be honest I can’t remember if I based my scalp with Vaseline. I think not, because I was bit lazy, but I really needed to retouch my new growth.

The creamy crack

As I always I parted my hair in four sections and started at the back with applying the relaxer. When applying the relaxer I was a little bit heavy handed. I wanted to finish this process quick. Because I was so heavy handed I only applied the relaxer in one round.

To smooth out my new growth, I used my fingers and just massage the relaxer to my new growth.

Applying and smoothing out my new growth took about 20 minutes. Every time when I retouch I make sure I stick to 15  – 20 minutes, because I want some texture in my hair.

Retouching end results

So when it was time to wash out the relaxer I noticed my hair looking real sleek. First in my mind was “ow no I have done too much”. But when I was done shampooing my hair, I was a little bite hyped. My hair was so shiny & and soft. I really saw a difference in results when I compare adding a light conditioner vs an oil to the relaxer.

I love my texlaxed texture, but how the freshly relaxed part is feeling now, I really like it. Hmmm, I don’t what this is about, because I haven’t cared for the bone straight look in years.


Let’s see how this is going to play out.

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