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    Shopping Goods | September

    I have been good with my shopping habits. I’m trying my best not to buy new hair products. Sometimes I even fight with myself – lol – Is there a cure for a product junkie. But last month I did some shopping and it was all about the OILS!!

    shopping goods september I

    First I had to buy a new relaxer. After 22 weeks it’s was time for the creamy crack. I switch back to the no-lye formula. I also bought some staple product

    Rosewater 300 ml (Store Afro New Creations, €1,25)
    Almond Oil 300 ml (Store Afro New Creations, €3,95)

    -a new oil to try out-

    Sesame seed oil 250 ml (Store Afro New Creations, €2,99)

    shopping goods September II

    I also bought me some essential oils. There was a discount. I’m always down for a discount.

    Tea Tree 30 ml (De Tuinen, €6,99             >   €3,49)
    Sweet Orange 30 ml (De Tuinen, €5,99     >   €2,99)
    Lemon 30 ml (De Tuinen, €5,99                >   €2,99)
    Rosemary 30 ml (De Tuinen, €5,99           >   €2,99)

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