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Relaxer | September 16!

New texlax hair

Finally after being 20 weeks post relaxer, I got the chance to texlax my hair. I couldn’t handle my new growth anymore, in the sense that I became lazier to style my hair.

Normally I will add some oil to my relaxer to slow down the process, but this time I didn’t add anything. I wanted to see what the results will be. To start off I applied Vaseline on the part of my hair that already has been texlaxed.

In sections of four I applied the relaxer mixture to my new growth. While applying the mixture, I section my hair in parts and work my way up. I always start at the back and end at the front. Within a time frame of 30 minutes I make sure I applied the mixture and smooth out my new growth. For smoothing out my new growth I only use my fingers. I can’t remember when was the last time I used a comb for smoothing my new growth.

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When I was massaging out my new growth I knew I kind of fucked up my texlax process. My hair was more relax than texlax. Now I know that adding an oil is MUST!! I was hoping that by speeding up my process that my hair still would be texlax. Don’t get me wrong, there is still some texture, but less than normal.

After rinsing out the relaxer I followed up with ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor. Because of the relaxer my scalp is a little bit irritated and the ApHogee soothes the scalp and helps with the breakage. After 5 minutes it was time to wash out the relaxer. While I was shampooing my hair, I could feel that my hair felt dry and really rough. So I decided to co-wash my hair with Garnier Loving Blends Argan & Camellia oil Conditioner and yes my hair wasn’t feeling rough anymore.

For deep condition I used my trusted ORS Replenishing Conditioner mixed with some oils (Garlic oil, Olive oil and Peppermint oil). I deep condition for longer than an hour without heat.

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My hair felt good, but I was disappointed with my texture. I hope while stretching my hair I can work on the thickness.

I had an event in the evening, so I didn’t had much time to finish my hair properly. For my leave in I used Aunt Jackie’s Half & Half Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk spray and sealed with ORS Monoi Oil Fusion. Styled my hair in a low bun and let it air-dry.

The journey to healthy thick hair continues.

Healthy Journey,

E. Diary

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