Healthy Hair Journey

Starting over with my hair journey!

Starting over with my hair journey!

It was time for a change! With my 30th birthday I wanted to cut my hair, but I didn’t. As the months passed by and I saw more pictures of other ladies with a short hairstyle, I became more and more in love with the style.

On the other side why I also wanted to cut my hair is because of my unhealthy ends. My hair is growing, but retaining my length was another story. My hair was breaking from left to right due the lack of properly moisturizing my hair. I was so focused on my deep condition treatments, but was lacking in the moisturizing department.

“Skipping a day or even days is a no go.

You hair needs moisture!”

But the important reason I cut my hair was because of my self-confidence. I love a ‘sexy’ high bun hair style.

“My nickname is Ms. High Bun!”

My high bun styles was my cover up to feel and look beautiful. Whenever I rocked a high bun style that was the moment I really felt beautiful. Me & my bun against the world .. loool. This is something I have been dealing for some years, but never paid much attention to it. But a view month ago I noticed that it was really bothering me and for the first time, I was even done with styling my hair in a high bun.

“I knew that is was time to work on me and the way I looked at myself!”

So cutting my hair is part of my healing process. Getting my hair healthy again and building up my self-confidence.

In my process of starting over I’m going to make some changes in my regimen. The first step is using specific brands like ORS & Aunt Jackie’s. Incorporate more protective styles (loose braids, cornrows or wigs). In the past I noticed that proactive styles really helped me with my stretch & retaining my length.

The thick and healthy hair continue!


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