Wash day routine

Wash routine for texlaxed hair!

Wash routine on August 4!

As a result that I texlaxed my hair view weeks ago, I have been using specific products to give my hair the treatment that it needs.

STEP 1 – Exfoliate
I have been using a mystery product to scrub my scalp with. For now I can’t mention the product because I’m testing it out. Using a hair scrub has been something that I wanted to try out and now I’m going to dig for some more information. When I use this scrub I can really see the dirt.

STEP 2 – Shampoo
For some weeks now I have been using ApHoge Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo. This shampoo is protein based and so far it’s working for me. It does leave my hair dry after washing

STEP 3 – Deep condition
Because of my shampoo treatment it is really important to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner. I went back to a favourite product.

“I used to use this product in the beginning of my hair journey”


With some added ingredients (Castor oil x Rosemary Oil x Glycerine) I applied Crème of Nature Professionals Moisture Extreme Nourishing & Strengthening Conditioner. This product has so much slip, it’s amazing. But overall this is a good conditioner, my hair is nicely moisturized after the treatment.

STEP 4 – Leave-In
To end my wash routine I had to finish with ORS Monoi Oil Leave-in Conditioning Crème.


Let the thick & healthy journey continue!


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