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Getting my hair back in shape with a trim!

trimming after a relaxer

Let’s continue with the process. If you have read my previous post, you know by now that I have texlaxed my new growth at 20 weeks.

“Getting my hair back in shape!”

A few weeks ago I shared a picture on my Instagram with my current length and girl let me tell you, it’s time to cut of some thin ends. My goal is to have thick and even length hair. So the journey continues to reaching my goal.

trimming after a relaxer

“Healthy hair over length”

After deep conditioning my hair I decided to trim my hair while it was wet. Because I trim my own hair, I use the elastic band method to make things easier for me. I’m somebody that gets scissor happy and yes I got happy after the first cut, so I had to stop myself, before I’m back at shoulder length.

trimming after a relaxer

I’m happy with my trim. There are still some areas I need to focus on, like the front side of my hair. With this stretch I’m going to focus on retaining my length. Don’t get me wrong, my focus is always on retaining my length, but my habit of being lazy when it comes to not moisturizing my hair during the week, has resulted to trimming my hair multiple times.

trimming after a relaxer

The thick and healthy journey continues, Eems!

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