Healthy Hair Journey

Changing up my relaxed hair stretching routine

relaxed hair stretching routine


In May I touch up my new growth at 20 weeks post relaxer. Looking back at the 20 weeks I’m can say that I’m happy, but not fully satisfied with my hair. I was dealing with breakage and having a hard time with retaining my length.

“Dealing with breakage is my own fault”

In the last month of stretching my relaxer I gave some extra attention to moisturizing my hair. With me switching up and really hold on to my moisturizing methods, I definitely saw a change in my hair.

Also I trimmed my hair to get rid of the thin ends so that my hair looks and feels great again. Still dealing with split ends in the front, but I’m going to tackle that.

What am I going to do different with this stretch?

Pre-poo routine

I’m going to use oils instead of a light conditioner to pre-poo my hair. Oils has some great benefits and with this stretch my hair can use all the benefits that some oils have.


Hair products

If you follow my on Instagram then maybe you saw my stories where I did a product haul. I bought some new goodies for my stretch. I focused on moisturizing products like KeraCare shampoo & conditioner and Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango leave-in and butter.

“I ain’t playing no games with this stretch”

Also I’m going to track my hair journey more. With the HairJourneyDiary planner I can really focus on my goals and track on how my journey is going.

In my next post I will go more in dept what my recent hair goals are and how I’m going to tackle it.

The thick & healthy journey continues, Eems!

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