Wash day routine

Detox treatment, let the scalp breath again!

detox treatment

I like to do a detox treatment once a month and with this routine it was time detox. Normally I  will use my shampoo mixture with Tea Tree Oil, but this time I tried something new.

Step 1 | Detox treatment
For this routine I made my own sugar scrub to detox my scalp. I will make a separate post about why to scrub your scalp and why. Before applying the scrub to my scalp I used a spray bottle to damp my hair. First I divided my hair in four sections and then took small part to get the scrub on my scalp. I’m going to be honest, but it can get a little bit messy. So take you time with applying the scrub to your scalp.

“Take your time with applying”

After I applied the scrub to a section I took the time to massage my scalp. I enjoyed the massaging part. Like at one moment I had to stop myself, because I don’t want to do too much. When I was done with massaging my scalp I jump under the shower and rinse out the scrub.

Step 2 | Shampoo
After rinsing I used KeraCare Hydrating Detangle Shampoo. Okay … I don’t if It’s because of the scrub, but my hair felt GOOOODD. How I was applying the shampoo to my scalp, I could feel the softness of my hair. Because of the scrub there was no more build up, so I didn’t need to use much shampoo to wash my hair.

With a cotton t-shirt I wrapped my hair for 30 minutes.

“My hair is feeling like a smooth operator”

Step 3 | Deep Condition
To give my strands some love I used KeraCare Humecto Conditioner mixed with my oil mix. In sections of four I applied the conditioner to my hair and sit under the hooded dryer for 30 minutes.

The combination of the conditioner adding oils and sitting under the dryer is making my hair SMOOTH.

I haven’t been sharing lately, but I have been using the KeraCare products for the past 3 weeks now and I’m pleased with it. Stay tuned for more info

Step 4 | Leave-in
After conditioning I got caught up in work and let my hair be. When my hair was almost 80% dried up I quickly applied Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-in to my hair. Because my hair was almost 100% dry I also applied Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter moisturizer.

I’m really pleased with this wash. My hair nicely moisturized and my scalp is breathing again

Let the thick & healthy journey continue, Eems!

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