Relaxed wash routine

Time for a monthly protein treatment with ORS

protein treatment

Normally I’m hyped to do a moisture treatment. Only with this wash I had my mind on a specific protein treatment.  As I was proceeding with my routine I had to switch products, because their was something missing.

Step 1 | Oil Pre-Poo
To be honest I couldn’t be bothered with doing an oil treatment in the morning. So to save me some time I did an oil treatment overnight. In section of four I applied my oil mixture to my scalp and hair. Because I let the oil sit overnight I made sure I didn’t overdo it with adding the oil to my hair.

“We don’t want no oily pillows”

In the morning my hair felt okay. It was shiny and soft, but it didn’t had the same effect like my normal routine. I will try it a few more times to see what I like best, overnight or in the morning with heat.

Step 2 | Shampoo
To shampoo my hair I used ApHogee Deep Moisture. The more I use this shampoo the more I become in love with it. You don’t need much and the texture of the shampoo is smooth.

protein treatment

“Let’s infuse some moisture”

In sections of two I washed my hair twice. After shampoo I wrapped my hair with a towel and let it sit for 30 minutes to soak up the water.

Step 3 | Protein Treatment
So as I was getting ready for the treatment, I found out that I didn’t had ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment. I was really sad, because I couldn’t do a hard protein treatment.

“The show must go on”

To continue with my protein routine I used ORS Hair Mayonnaise. In sections of four I applied the conditioner to my hair and conditioned without heat for 30 minutes.

Step 4 | Deep Condition
After rinsing out the protein conditioner I followed up with a moisturizing conditioner, KeraCare Humecto Creme Conditioner, without adding any oils. I sat under the hooded dryer for 30 minutes and then rinsed the conditioner out.

Step 5 | Leave-in
Finally the last step!

As I was applying Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango leave-in my hair felt good and there was no hair loss. I applied Hazelnut oil to seal my hair and styled my hair in a low bun to air-dry.

In the evening I was really happy with the end result, because my hair felt really soft. Doing a protein treatment was a good idea, only I know for sure if I had used the Two Step treatment my hair would be extra fabulous.

protein treatmen

Also I noticed some new growth and I was shocked, because it’s just a month of stretching out my relaxer. My oil mixture is doing its thing

Let the thick & healthy journey continue, Eems!

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