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#3 main reasons why your need to wash your scalp!

One of the ways to have fabulous hair is to wash your scalp. Your scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. In this post I will be sharing #3 main reasons why washing your scalp is beneficial to your hair growth.

Think about it. When your scalp is dirty from of all the products you have applied during the week, how can you expect to grow healthy hair?

#3 main reasons why you need to wash your scalp

+ Removes dirt & build up
+ It promotes healthy hair growth
+ It refreshes your scalp & hair

I know there is a myth, and I can’t believe that some still believe it. But the myth “dirty hair is better in order to grow your hair”. That myth is a big lie!

A dirty scalp & hair only produce bacteria on your scalp and irritation. Your scalp need to be clean and able to breath for it to produce healthy hair growth.

So girl, wash your scalp!

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