Hairlista challenge – BSL by June 2013

Post Date: June 30th 2013, Sunday

Remember….Commitment, Consistency, Care


A group specifically for those who want BSL hair! All hair types are welcomed of course!



Well, there are no specific rules to this group because everything does not work for everybody. But as the saying goes, there are some basic tips that can help:

  1. Drink Plenty of Water.
  2. Deep Condition often. (At least 2xs a week with or without heat).
  3. Use less heat heat. (Minimum of 1x a month).
  4. Trim ONLY when needed.
  5. Have “Hair Patience.”


Whenever you are making progress, post pictures for others encouragement and inspiration. We are here to support each other and feel free to ask questions when lost and provide full enthusiasm!

♥Come on, let’s grow together!!♥

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