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Relaxer: 6th October ‘13

I couldn’t take it anymore so i decided to texlax my hair at 31 weeks post. Wooow 31 weeks. The last time I told myself  that I wasn’t going to stretch that long, but for some strange reason I did it again.image

During my stretching I used some new products and I know  (for sure for sure in my African voice) that Elasta QP Olive oil & Mango butter Moisturizer helped a lot with soften my new growth. I’m so happy that I got this product in my life. Elasta QP is one of my fav from my hair products collection.

But let’s get back to relaxing my hair. As always I used the brand ORS. This is my second time using the lye formula and I like it so far. The one thing I can say  about the lye relaxer is that its harsh on the scalp because of the high pH (if I make any sense).  When washing my hair my scalp felt rough. That’s why before relaxing I put some Vaseline on my scalp and around my edges and nape. I think the next time I will but some more Vaseline.

Before shampooing my hair I used Aphogee  2 minute reconstructor and let it sit on my hair for 3 minutes. I like this step because it strengthens my hair. So I washed my hair like 3 times and with the second and third wash,  I let the shampoo sit on my hair for about 2 minutes.

After washing my hair I was a bit lazy, so I laid down and almost forgot to condition my hair (a big NO NO). So without using any oils I parted my hair in four sections and started the DC process.  I DC my hair using a hooded dryer for 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes without heat (I was lazy to wash out the conditioner).

Before I went to bed  I moisturized my hair with my leave in from Garnier and put my hair in a low bun and let it air-dried.

I can definitely see a difference. My hair is fuller and thicker. I still got some setbacks I really need to work on my ends (I need to trim them), my nape/edges  and keep up with my regimen. No more slacking.


  • Relaxer x ORS lye formula (normal)
  • Protein x Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor
  • Shampoo x ORS creamy aloe shampoo neutralizer
  • Conditioner x Creme of Nature extreme moisture conditioner
  • Leave-in x Garnier Nutri Repair 3

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