Relaxed wash routine

Wash day | May 25!

2015.05.25 products


Last Monday was an easy wash routine. I kept is simple by only washing and deep condition my hair. I was a bit lazy for a pre poo treatment. Just like last week, using moisture based product was a must.

[1] It’s been a while that I used Mizani Moisturfusion Milk Bath Shampoo. The texture of this shampoo is really like milk. During the wash my hair feels great.

[2] With a satin scarf I got rid of the excess water. In sections of four I applied Aunt Jackie’s Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner to my hair. After applying I used a Denman brush so that my hair was stretch and detangled. With the Huetiful Hair Steamer I deep condition my hair.  The conditioner itself is moisturizing, but using my steamer with it … My hair felt GOOD!!

[3] Again with a satin scarf I dried my hair. I wrapped my hair for 15 minutes. After resting I part my hair in four parts. Then with each section I took a smaller section and applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream and then sealed my hair with Macadamia Natural Oil Treatment.

It was still early so I decided to air dry my hair I clipped my hair up and put a scarf on my edges. Although my main focus is keeping my hair moisturized, it is also important there is a nice moisture – protein balance.

It is all about the balance!

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