Relaxed wash routine


Wash Routine For Relaxed Hair | October 28!


I’m really in need of a protein treatment, but I never get the time. Last week I had a wedding to attend to and this week I was Cinderella – I had to clean my house – . The good thing is that I’m keeping up with my co-wash during the week. It really helps with minimizing the breakage. I can do better with co-washing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m paying more attention with co-washing during the week.

I only use this product because I really want to finish this bottle. For my wash I used ORS HaiRepair Invigorating Shampoo. I really have a love/ hate relationship with this product. Sometimes my hair loves it and the next time it will hate it.

In sections of four I washed my hair. Okey, so let me give you ladies an example. With this wash I had to use a lot of shampoo for a decent lather. Mind you, I co-washed my hair last Wednesday, so my hair wasn’t really dirty.

After the wash I dried my hair with a cotton t-shirt! Although the shampoo was reacting a certain way, my hair felt soft and fluffy.

Last week I made a deep condition mixture with ORS Replenishing Conditioner and some oils (Vitamin E Oil x Peppermint Oil). I had some left mixture left so decided to use for this wash. In sections of four I applied the conditioner to my hair. This product will forever be a part of mine regimen.

Without heat I deep condition my hair for 30 minutes.

To bring the balance back I used Aunt Jackie’s Half & Half Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk. Generously I sprayed the product all over my hair – the smell of this product is so good -. In a high bun I air-dried my hair.

I can truly say my hair felt really soft, it was bouncy and shiny.

The journey to healthy thick hair continues!

Healthy Hair Journey,
E. Starr

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