Finally after stretching my hair for 22 weeks (5 months) I texlaxed my hair. I really don’t know why, but I was really lazy this time to texlax my hair. For the new diary readers, I texlax my hair at home. Normally I stretch my hair between 16 – 20 weeks, but yeah here I am at 22 weeks post.


Although I use chemicals on my hair, I still want some texture. That is why I texlax my hair. First I activate the relaxer with the liquid. After that I added a bit of Castor Oil. This is my first time using Castor Oil. Normally I add Olive Oil or Almond Oil. I made sure that everything was nicely mixed

Even with this process I was lazy. Somebody please save me! When my hair was detangled and sectioned in four parts, I went straight ahead with applying the mixture to the new growth. Why was I lazy? I didn’t apply Vaseline on the parts that already was texlaxed. Plus in large chunks I applied the mixture to my new growth. Starting on my left side (that’s the part I have thicker hair) from back to front over to my right side. When I was applying the mixture I noticed that it was liquidly than normal. Hmmm … Has ORS changed their formula or is it because of the Castor Oil? I have never experienced this. Due with having a bit of difficulties with the mixture I was able to apply and massaging my new growth within 16 minutes.

While rinsing out the mixture I sensed something different. My scalp was irritated and I was like “what the fvck is this?!” Is it because of the Castor Oil that I added or that I haven’t treated my scalp properly the last few weeks? I continued with shampooing my hair three times with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo. After washing my scalp was still a bit irritating, so I definitely knew I had to use some Tea Tree Oil.

I broke the rules and used ORS Hair Mayonnaise Conditioner. I wanted to use a product that will strengthen my hair and whip it back in shape! Of course I had to add some oils, so I used; Garlic Oil x Peppermint Oil x Tea Tree Oil x Rosemary Oil. In sections of four I applied the conditioner to my hair and really concentrated on my scalp and the freshly texlaxed parts. To top it off, I sat under a hooded dryer for about 30 minutes.

I bought some new goodies and I plan to only use them in this stretching period. My new babies are ORS Monoi Oil Leave-In Conditioning Crème & ORS Monoi Oil Fusion. I have used the oil before and I LOVE IT. The crème is new for me, but I’m liking the Monoi Oil Line so I think the crème will also be keeper. In sections of four I applied the crème and later on I sealed my hair with the oil. I’m taking a break with air-drying, so I’m back to wrapping my hair and sitting under a hooded dryer.

Although I have been slacking, I can say the front side of my hair is growing nicely. Now my back side is another story. Yes, there has been growth, but it is not thick like my front. With this next stretch I need to focus on that!

The Thick & Healthy Journey continue!


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