Wash Routine

Wash day | When ApHogee is here to rescue you!

Wash day | When ApHogee is here to rescue you!

Last Saturday’s wash routine was all about protein. With last week wash routine I noticed that my hair was limp and the breakage was real. While I was coming my hair I saw short strands falling on the ground. This was a sign that my hair needed a protein treatment. This is the reason why for this wash I focused on doing a protein treatment. Are you ready to have a wash day with ApHogee?

“ApHogee is one brand I always go to when my hair needs a fix”

Step 1 Shampoo

After an intensive workout it was finally time to wash my hair. I initially choose a moisturizing shampoo, because the next step will be a protein based product. For the wash I used ApHogee Deep Moisture shampoo. This is the first time using this shampoo and I was pleased with it. While I was shampooing, my hair felt good. I could easily run my fingers true my hair and the shampoo didn’t strip my hair. My hair was parted in two sections and I shampooed each sections twice.

Step 2 conditioner

“Now we have come to the savior of the day”

For my protein treatment I used ApHogee Two-Step Treatment. I used two packs of the duo packet. It was a struggle to apply the liquid formula to my hair. Thank God I had an old spray bottle where I could pour the liquid in. In sections of two parts I sprayed the liquid to my hair. Because I used two packs I wasn’t sure if it would be enough, but I made it work. When I was down with spraying, I could feel that my hair was getting sticky, so no time to waist and continued with blow drying my hair.

After the second step my hair was hard, that is the end result. Although the two packs was okay, I noticed I didn’t cover every strand. Next time I will buy the bottle instead of the pack.

“Bring back the moisture”

After doing the protein treatment my hair was screaming for moisture. So it was only right that I used ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer. While I was applying the conditioner to my hair, I could feel that my hair was getting back in balance. My hair went from stiff to soft.

Step 3 Leave-in

The last step is real simple, but yet really important. I generously sprayed Creme of Nature Pure Honey Leave-in conditioner especially focused on my ends, edges and nape.

After combing my hair, I styled my hair in a high bun, so that it could air-dry.


Wrapping up!

I’m happy that I did this protein treatment. While I was applying the balancing conditioner I could feel that my hair was stronger. Yes the two-step treatment works quick. At the end my hair was soft and manageable. Now the focus for me is to keep up with the protein treatments. This treatment can been done between 4 to 6 weeks. So ApHogee I will see you again in 5 weeks.


Comment down below and let me know when you did your last protein treatment.

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