Wash day | Back with only ORS products!

Back with ORS

The time has come that I’m going to use mainly ORS hair products for my wash routine. During the week I have been neglecting with moisturizing my hair. Because of that my hair was definitely in need for a moisture boost!

Step 1 Pre-Poo

When I was applying the Garnier Loving Blends Avocado Oil & Shea Butter conditioner to my hair, I was really concentrating on my ends. My ends are screaming for help! They are dry and brittle. To get my hair back healthy I need to do a dust method ASAP!

When I was done with applying the conditioner to my hair, I sat under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes. My hair felt like butter, I’m not joking. This conditioner has a nice slip and makes my hair soft!

Step 2 Shampoo

To get my scalp clean I used ORS Olive Oil Hydrating Shampoo. In sections of two I shampooed my hair two times. While I was washing my hair I really focused on the sensitive parts, edges, nape and crown area.

During shampooing I didn’t have much hair loss. I was glad about that, but I still need to be on top with moisturizing my hair during the week.

Step 3 Conditioner

Off course I had to use ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner to get my hair on track. To boost up the conditioner, I’m going old school with adding oils to my conditioner. My goal is to have thicker new growth, so that is why I added some Castor oil, Peppermint oil, Trea Tree oil and Grapefruit oil to the conditioner. When I was applying the conditioner to my hair I focused on my new growth and ends. At this point I’m 10 weeks post relaxer, so I need to make sure that my hair is nicely coated.

For my deep condition treatment I sat under the the Huetifull hair steamer. My hair felt good! If it was up to me, I would let the conditioner stay in my hair, but unfortunately that is not possible.

Step 4 Leave-in

I going back to an old favourite of mine. To keep the moisture I used ORS Shealicious Moisture Mist Leave-in Conditioning Spray Shea Butter Honey, detangled my hair and let my hair air- dry.

Wrapping up!

For the coming weeks I will definitely use a hooded dryer or steamer to boost up a treatment. My ends and new growth need some extra TLC. I was overall happy when I was done with air-drying my hair. It good feel to it and the hair los (breakage) was minimal. Now I need to get my ends fixed. For the last three month I haven’t done a search & destroy method, so the split ends are really building up.

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