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Girl! You are the problem, it’s time for some personal growth

I have come a long way when it to comes to growing as a person. It’s been a while that I have written about my personal growth, but hey … your girl is back with the My Life My Journey talks.

Let me jump right in to it. I have been seeing messages floating around the gram when it comes to not being in a right relationship or friendship.

Does that person need to be in your life?

I always think about my own situation. In my post ‘Who Is This Girl?!’ I mentioned I was emotional & mentally broken. For me able to heal, I had to really look at myself and be honest that I was the problem. Yes … I said it and I mean it.

personal growth

It’s you girl, you the problem!

For me able to move on and heal, I had to look at my own actions. I needed to stop with blaming other people and putting myself in the victim role. Is she a real friend? .. do they care about me? .. why is he not honest with me? Looking at myself and pointing out the problems was really the first step in my journey to becoming a better me.

My fault was that I didn’t valued myself enough to let people know, those who were close to me,  like hey I don’t like the way you treat me or really tell them what I want or need from them. And let me clear up what I mean with value. Like I mentioned I didn’t really voice out my true feelings and because of that I got something in return that I didn’t like. So that’s why I’m saying ‘I was the problem’.

It is easy to blame others, but I had to look at my own actions and see my own faults. And yes there were some faults I needed to work on.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not the emotional type of girl. Really displaying my feelings can be difficult sometimes. But what this journey has taught me is that I NEED to be more open with my feelings. I need to let people know what’s the real deal. So they know how to really treat me, know what is off limits and what will make me happy. Most of us know the saying ‘the way somebody’s treats you is based on what you allow them’, that’s is exactly what I mean and went through.

Whether it’s good or bad I’m letting you know

So girl! If you find yourself in a situation that you’re not happy about a friendship or relationship, I will say look at your actions first. What have you allowed and what can you change about it. And don’t get me wrong some people are just toxic and you need to get rid of them ASAP! But when you have gotten rid of them, take a look at your actions, be aware of your flaws, so that you don’t repeat yourself the next time around.

The journey continues

My Life my journey, Eems!

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