Wash day 5th May ‘14

Late night washing … yes is that time again. Last night, after work, I decided to wash my hair. Sunday I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t fit to wash my hair. I live in the Netherlands, and Monday it’s time for Real Housewives of Atlanta. So before I could watch the last part of the show I started with my routine.

I used my oil mix coconut x olive oil to apply on my hair. I warmed the oil with warm water. When I did the first part, I then applied my black castor x peppermint oil mix on my scalp. After applying the oil it was time for some ratchetness *big smile*.

After watching two reality shows it was time to rinse out the oils. It’s been a long time that I did a co-wash, so you know what time it is … co-wash !!!. TREsemmé Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner is my fav product for a co-wash. In two sections I co-washed my hair. I really concentrated on my scalp and my problem areas.

Before applying the conditioner I used a t-shirt to dry my hair. In 4 sections I applied ORS HaiRepair Nourishing Conditioner. I almost forgot that I had this product. I used two packs because one simple isn’t enough. The oils that I mixed the product with; grape seed and peppermint oil. I deep condition with heat for 45 minutes and let my hair cool off for 15 minutes.

It was the second time using this conditioner and I gave my hair so much slip. My hair went from oke to ookkeeyy  .. lool. The only thing I didn’t like was the consistency, it was a bit watery.

It’s time for to get some rest, but I wasn’t done yet.  My hair was soft and it felt really good, so I didn’t want to apply a lot of product. Before applying I gently detangled my hair with a shower comb.  The Garnier Fructis Nutri Repair 3 was the leave-in that I used. After that I styled my hair in a bun and put some Aloe Vera gel on my edges.

My hair was still wet, so I didn’t do much. I applied ORS Hair lotion on my hair and put some extra lotion on my ends. I styled my hair in a low tight  bun.

wash day may 5
I’m happy with the result, my hair is feeling and looking good. Co-washing really helps me to retain moisture.

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