Relaxed wash routine

Getting my new growth soft with 3 basic steps

Being 16 weeks post relaxer it’s important to keep my new growth soft & moisturized. So with my latest routine it was all about my new growth, because they needed some TLC.

new growth

STEP 1 | Pre-Poo
To soften my hair I started with Garnier Loving Blends Nourishing Conditioner with Avocado Oil & Shea Butter extracts. I really focused on my new growth and my ends. The reason I really took my time with applying the conditioner to my hair is because I’m preparing my hair for the scalp treatment that I’m about to do. After sitting under the hooded dryer for 20 minutes, my hair felt like butter. My hair soaked up the conditioner really good. I will have no problems with tangles during washing.

I needed the extra moisture

new growth

STEP 2 | Shampoo
To stimulate my scalp and get rite of dead skin cell I did a scalp treatment with my Shampoo mixture (SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo with 5 drops of Tea Tree & Rosemary oil). This time I shampooed my hair with the mixture one time and with the second wash I used the SheaMoisture shampoo without the oils, because I want to make sure that my hair got the hydration benefits of the shampoo. After t-shirt drying my hair it was time for the next step.

STEP 3 | Deep condition
My number one focus with this wash routine is getting my new growth together. In small section I applied a generous amount of Aunt Jackie’ In Control conditioner to my new growth. I applied the conditioner to my hair if I was applying a relaxer to my new growth. After that I made sure that the length of my hair was nicely coated with the conditioner. To give the condition treatment a boost, I sat under the hair steamer

I applied the conditioner to my hair if I was applying a relaxer to my new growth

new growth

STEP 4 | Leave-in
We are almost there, it’s now time to prep my hair. Again focused on my new growth I spayed Mizani D’tangle Moisturizing Leave-In Milk spray on the specific area. To strengthen my hair I applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream to my hair and sealed with Avocado oil.

A view weeks ago I decided to stop air-drying my hair, because I wanted to moisturize my hair right away. But I needed to air-dry my hair, because I had to start making dinner. So there was no time for blow drying.

STEP 5 | Moisturize
Before going to bed, my hair was about 90% dry. In sections of four I moisturized my hair with African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Buttery Crème. After the first crème application, it could feel my hair has reap the benefits from the previous steps. It was soft, I could easily comb my hair and guess what… the breakage was minimal. After moisturizing I sealed my hair with my own hair oil mix and styled in two buns.

Let’s continue with keeping my new growth soft till my relaxer touch up.

The thick & healthy journey continues, Eems!

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